Series 1 Episode 3 – Disco Inferno


Series 1 – Episode 3

Disco Inferno

First Broadcast – 28 January 2001

Keith Lard, fire safety officer. Keith Lard, fire safety officer.

Jerry St. Clair has booked psychic medium Clinton Baptiste for the club, who had been recommended by Den Perry. Brian and Jerry then have to attend a fire safety seminar with Keith Lard, who was arrested for “interfering” with dogs, but was acquitted due to lack of evidence. After the meeting, Lard tells Brian he will be inspecting the club immediately to ensure it meets safety standards. Jerry and Brian rush back to the club before Keith inspects it, but a run-in with the police delays them and Keith shuts the club down for being unsafe. Brian blackmails Lard with a faked photo of Lard’s head on the body of a semi-nude man (with a dog) so that he re-opens the club, but the event they re-open for, the psychic night, forces Brian to refund all of his guests after Clinton Baptiste, the psychic tells a bit more about the future than the guests would like.


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