Series 1 Episode 6 – Talent Trek Finals


Series 1 – Episode 6

Talent Trek Finals

First Broadcast – 18 February 2001

Brian's burning boy. Brian’s burning boy.

Jerry gets an all-clear. However, Brian tells him to keep pretending to be ill because the club got the rights to host Talent Trek as Brian told the organizers that Jerry is dying. Tensions boil when Brian has to hire a Right Said Fred tribute band called ‘Right Said Frank’ for the grand finale due to Les Alanos performing a Karate Kid musical with the local youth club on the same night. Right Said Frank end up stealing stereos from all the cars parked outside.¬†Brian then ‘reveals’ to the audience that Jerry has got an all-clear for his illness. Despite everything, Jerry can’t bring himself to leave the club and turns down the cruise ship job offer. The series concludes with Den Perry, outraged at the success of the Phoenix Club, setting it on fire.


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