Series 2 Episode 6 – Stars In Their Eyes


Series 2 – Episode 6

Stars In Their Eyes

First Broadcast – 12 September 2002

Brian Potter as Elton John. Brian Potter as Elton John.

Max and Paddy spot the man they were meant to kill in town, and are later confronted by his angry wife, who hints that she has put a hit out on them. In the club, Brian has arranged Stars In Your Eyes to impress a brewery representative who is coming over. Den Perry, however, has other ideas and cancels the acts by impersonating Jerry. However, all of the staff from the club dress up to become acts, including Ray Von and Les Alanos as Adam and the Ants, Kenny Senior as Britney Spears, Young Kenny as Meat Loaf, Brian as Elton John and Spencer as Gary Glitter. At the end of the episode, Den Perry threatens Brian and talks to him about burning the club down before and makes threats to do it again, unaware that Brian has switched on a radio microphone on his desk, meaning that the entire club has heard the conversation. Den Perry is arrested and the staff celebrate. Ray Von then reminds Brian now the truth has come out, he can get his licence back. However, Brian decides to let Jerry remain as licensee and the staff hold a toast to Jerry.


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