Alan Johnson

Played By: Steve Edge

Episodes: 12

Most memorable quote: 

Songlyrics make the best chat up lines, heaven’s missing an angel.” –  Alan

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Alan was the pianist of the band Les Alanos, alongside Les Campbell. The band was employed by Brian Potter to play the music during the cabaret acts at the Phoenix Club. Before becoming a member of the band Les Alanos, Les was in a band with Alan’s father, Frank who left the band to set up a Right Said Fred tribute band by the name of ‘Right Said Frank’. This led to Alan deciding to take up the position of pianist, replacing his father.

After the Phoenix Club was burnt down, Alan and Jerry joined forces and began working in a supermarket. Together, they would sing covers of famous songs, which advertised certain products available in-store. He gave up this job when Brian decided to reopen the Phoenix Club.

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