Brian Potter

Played By: Peter Kay

Episodes: 12

Most memorable quote: 

“Sweet Baby Jesus and the Orphans!” – Brian Potter

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Brian Potter

Brian Potter is the lead character in Phoenix Nights, played by Peter Kay. Potter was the ex-manager and licensee of the Phoenix Club.

Brian was the manager of a club by the name of the Aquarius which was closed during a Christmas event in 1995 when the water pipes exploded. After the tragic events of the Aquarius, Potter found himself a job as secretary and chair of the committee at the Neptune Club. Some time during the Christmas period of 1999, Potter’s “economising” of the fairy lights was the cause of the club burning down. Some point after, the Phoenix Club was built.

During his career at the Neptune, Brian had a wife by the name of Marion, whose picture he kept in his wallet. The reason for their marriage break-up is unknown as by the time of the Phoenix Club, he is no longer married and looking for love.

During Singles Night, Brian met a lady called Beverley, who soon became his partner. He spent a lot of time with Beverely and even bought a water bed for the two of them to share. Eventually, Beverley revealed that she worked for the DSS and that she was actually at the club investigating claims of fraud. Regardless of her promises with Brian that she truly loved him, a heartbroken Brian ended the relationship.

Brian was renowned in the series for being tight fisted as well as drinking out of a flower vase, since he couldn’t reach spirits. Furthermore, some of the staff used to refer to him as “Ironside”.

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