Den Perry

Played By: Ted Robbins

Episodes: 8

Most memorable quote: 

“Cheers Potter, another winner!” –  Den Perry

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Den Perry
Den Perry

Den Perry, sometimes called ‘Dennis’ and ‘Denzel’ by Brian, was Brian‘s main rival and the owner of the Banana Grove. He was known to use dirty tactics to try to beat the Phoenix Club and to get his own way. After failing to host Talent Trek at his own club, he resorted to burning down the Phoenix Club as his way of revenge.

Some time after the Phoenix Club was re-opened, Perry revisited during a Stars in Your Eyes event to face Potter for a final time. With his henchmen alongside him, Perry visited Potter in his office. Potter was unable to cry for help over the noise of the event next door. Whilst in the office, Perry confessed to burning down Potter‘s club and began making new threats.

Upon leaving his office, Perry and his crew were met with the sight of a whole audience watching him in silence. Over the tannoy, Potter revealed that he had had his microphone on the whole time, meaning that everyone had heard his confession. Shortly after, Perry was arrested for arson.

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