Kenny ‘Dalglish’ Senior

Played By: Archie Kelly

Episodes: 12

Most memorable quote: 

“I’m very friendly with the SAS.” –  Kenny ‘Dalglish’ Senior

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Kenny 'Dalglish' Senior
Kenny ‘Dalglish’ Senior

Kenny ‘Dalglish’ Senior, simply known as Kenny, was a member of staff at the Phoenix Club, although his role is not specified. Kenny Dalglish is actually the name of a British footballer. Kenny was a known liar who often made up elaborate tales of how he met certain celebrities or how he ended up in bizarre or near-impossible situations. Some examples of these would be waking up in bed next to Bonnie Langford or him playing swingball in Pwllheli with Robert De Niro.

Some of his statements are left unanswered, leaving a possibility for them to be true. Such statements would be during a conversation with Keith Lard, in which he refers to his days as a firefighter in Mexico. Keith then challenges him to speak Spanish, after which Kenny speaks fluently. Although no-one heard him speak it, it is left unclear as to whether this story could be true.

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