Max Bygraves

Played By: Peter Kay

Episodes: 12

Most memorable quote: 

“Get back ya bastard, I’ll break ya legs!” –  Max Bygraves

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Max Bygraves
Max Bygraves

Maxwell “Max” Bygraves, simply known as Max, was a bouncer at the Phoenix Club, where he worked alongside his friend Paddy. During the Christmas period of 1999, Max and fellow bouncer Paddy were hired by Brian Potter as security at the Neptune Club in Bolton. Not longer after, the club burnt down due to malfunctioning fairy lights. The club was rebuilt and opened as the Phoenix Club.

Max was given a job as a bouncer at the Phoenix Club, where he worked alongside Paddy. He formed a close bond with Paddy and they discussed very intimate things, including love lives and sex.

During their tenure as bouncers, Max was approached by a woman who claimed her husband had been cheating on her. She paid him £8,000 pounds to kill him. Unsure about the whole thing, he approached Paddy for help. Paddy agreed to help and received £1,000, unaware that the money that Max had been given was a lot more. After failing to kill her husband, the two of them were once again approached by the woman, who was now furious. Fearing a hit on their lives, both Max and Paddy fled in the campervan leading to the spin off series Max & Paddy’s Road to Nowhere.

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