Ray Von

Played By: Neil Fitzmaurice

Episodes: 12

Most memorable quote: 

“Shabba” –  Ray Von

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 Ray Von
Ray Von

Ray Von was a DJ and handyman at the Phoenix Club. Ray Von could be a stage name based upon the words “Rave on”, joining the team when he fixed a power cut in the club. Upon finding out that Ray was also a DJ, Brian offered him a job at the club as a general handyman and DJ.

Ray Von had a girlfriend named Tracy Burns. At the start of his career as DJ in the Phoenix Club, Brian was duped into believing that Ray had murdered his girlfriend which was later proved to be untrue. One of his catchphrases was “Shabba!”. He would usually shout this during a disco, a key part of most events. His DJ skills earned him the nickname “The Yorkshire Rapper” by Brian.

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