Paddy McGuinness Says There’s ‘No Doubt’ Max and Paddy Will Return

We revealed the other day by Peter Kay that a third series of Phoenix Nights has been written. He said to the BBC: “I love Phoenix Nights and I would love to go back. I’ve got a lot of ideas about Phoenix Nights.

“In fact, there’s a whole series three been written for about the 15 years.”

The show ended in 2002, but was followed up in 2004 with a spin-off in the form of Max And Paddy’s Road To Nowhere which followed bouncers Max & Paddy in their motorhome.

Paddy McGuiness, who played Paddy, spoke to LADbible, saying the radio phone-in was a classic Kay stunt. McGuiness said: “Let me tell you this, and this is coming straight from the horse’s mouth, he does that. He goes on things, says we’re doing it, and we never do.”

“He’ll [Kay] go on something and say ‘we’re doing this’ and then he steps back out the limelight, and then, I get asked ‘when’s Phoenix Nights coming back, it’s written, isn’t it?’ and I’m like ‘is it?’.”

Now Paddy McGuiness has had his say, saying that he has ‘no doubt’ both shows could return to our screen.

“We’ve always said we’d like to do it again,” said McGuiness. “And I know we’ve got stuff written with Max and Paddy as well, we have two one-hour specials in the bag – so that’s done.

Paddy, said that he learned during the live shows two years ago that the public’s hunger for Phoenix Nights is still huge. “Phoenix Nights Live was fantastic, and what was really fantastic about that was the £5 million we raised,” McGuiness said.

“We had a lot of fun, and everyone was happy. Even though it’s so long since Phoenix Nights, we did a string of nights and played in front of 15,000 at the arena, so the appetite is still there.

“It was lovely to be involved with and see all the cast again – it was like we’d never been apart really.”

It’s all very positive from Paddy but he agrees with Peter Kay, that at the moment the pair are just too busy doing other things with Paddy about to star in the Keith and Paddy Picture Show on ITV.

Let’s hope we get more of both Phoenix Nights and Max & Paddy soon.

You can read the news of Peter Kay confirming more Phoenix Nights has been written here.

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  1. Stuart mawson says: Reply

    Me and my partner went to Manchester to see the comic relief live show from Newton Aycliffe it was absolutely fantastic, it was such a shame that max and paddy didn’t appear much in it, but still brilliant. Well done bring it on, I’ve always said bring back more Phoenix nights and max and paddy roar to know where we watch them all the time and still make us laugh. 👍

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