Gay Satan

It’s the end of Family Fun Day but Jerry isn’t a very happy berry.

Clinton Baptiste

Is Clinton Baptiste the worst psychic of all time? Watch him here in all of his glory and judge for yourself.

Keith Lard

Keith Lard had some memorable moments despite only featuring in one episode. We’ve compiled his best bits here.

Broomhandle Mauser

Max shows Paddy his broomhandle mauser, it’s not a gun!

Brian And Beverley

Brian and Beverley spent a short but sweet time together, here are their best moments.

Spencer As Gary Glitter

It’s the final episode of Phoenix Nights and Spencer performs as Gary Glitter for Stars in Their Eyes.

Corned Beef Song

Jerry is now singing at his local Asda, and he has come up with a great ditty to sell corned beef.

Kenny As Lollipop Man

Kenny is now working as a lollipop man but that doesn’t mean he’s changed his stories. Hello Jackie!

Tommy Dickfingers

Max and Paddy can’t keep a straight face during this scene about the infamous Tommy Dickfingers.

Jerry’s Jokes

Jerry gets the Phoenix Club laughing with a host of classic jokes.