Gay Satan

It’s the end of Family Fun Day but Jerry isn’t a very happy berry.

Corned Beef Song

Jerry is now singing at his local Asda, and he has come up with a great ditty to sell corned beef.

Jerry’s Jokes

Jerry gets the Phoenix Club laughing with a host of classic jokes.

Jerry Hits A Speed Trap

Jerry gets injured while driving and Brian has some words of wisdom.

Fortune Cookie

The Phoenix Club reveal to local reporters that they’re expanding into Chinese food.

Brian Gets Stuck On The Stairlift

Brian gets stuck on the stairlift after a power cut and Jerry comes to his rescue.

Slim Shady

Jerry performs as Eminem in this memorable scene.

Jerry The Berry

Jerry is Jerry the Berry at Family Fun Day.

Jerry’s Dating Advice

Brian is loved up with Beverley and planning to make a move so asks Jerry for some advice, man to man, in the toilet.

Black Bin Bags!

Jerry is now working in Asda promoting products through song. Here he is singing Black Bin Bags.